End of the SAMER project


End of the SAMER project

The last meeting of the SAMER project took place on the 29th of February of 2016 at the Technology Centre of Técnicas Reunidas in Madrid. Members of SINTEF, the Norwegian research partner involved in the project, visited the laboratories of Técnicas Reunidas and the zinc-air flow battery testing facility.

Técnicas Reunidas and SINTEF shared the latest results and conclusions of the project. The partners have generated new knowledge about the operation and failure mechanisms of the electrodes and demonstrated continuous running of an advanced zinc-air flow cell. However, it has not been possible to overcome significant technical hurdles that limit the efficiency and durability of the battery.

Nevertheless, Técnicas Reunidas and SINTEF are very satisfied with the opportunity given by EEA Grants and will build on this experience to collaborate on future projects.


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