End of the SAMER project

The last meeting of the SAMER project took place on the 29th of February of 2016 at the Technology Centre of Técnicas Reunidas in Madrid. Members of SINTEF, the Norwegian research partner involved in the project, visited the laboratories of Técnicas Reunidas and the zinc-air flow battery testing facility.

Técnicas Reunidas and SINTEF shared the latest results and conclusions of the project. The partners have generated new knowledge about the operation and failure mechanisms of the electrodes and demonstrated continuous running of an advanced zinc-air flow cell. However, it has not been possible to overcome significant technical hurdles that limit the efficiency and durability of the battery.

Nevertheless, Técnicas Reunidas and SINTEF are very satisfied with the opportunity given by EEA Grants and will build on this experience to collaborate on future projects.

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International Flow Battery Forum 2015

Técnicas Reunidas presented the SAMER project at the International Flow Battery Forum (IFBF) held in Glasgow, Scotland, on June 16-17, 2015.

Now on its 6th edition the IFBF is the only conference dedicated exclusively to flow batteries and covers everything from electrochemistry and technology to applications and commercialization. Battery manufacturers and research organizations presented the state of the art of different technologies including vanadium, zinc-bromine, zinc-cerium and other chemistries based on iron, lead or copper.

Técnicas Reunidas presented zinc-air flow battery technology and the work sponsored by EEA Grants, including the improvements to zinc and air electrodes made in collaboration with SINTEF to increase efficiency and durability.

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Organisations from Iceland and Norway are joining forces with their Spanish counterparts as part of the Spanish programme for environmental and climate change-related research and technology. Of the 198 projects supported under the programme, 51 are carried out with partners.

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1st Metal Air Batteries International Congress 2015

Técnicas Reunidas presented the latest results of the SAMER project at the 1st Metal Air Batteries International Congress held in A Coruña, Spain, in April 14-16, 2015.

The congress gathered experts from Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain, UK and USA to share the recent scientific and technical progress in metal-air batteries, including zinc, iron, aluminium and lithium technologies.

Técnicas Reunidas presented a study of zinc electrodeposition parameters for zinc-air flow batteries, including temperature, current density and the use of additives.

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The internet is an unrivalled source of information and has become a very important channel for communication. At the click of a mouse, a gigantic library of information is available to a wide number of people at any time. A well designed project website can be a key management tool, capable of improve the dissemination of this project activities to a wide range of stakeholders.

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